Eliminating Rogue Design

At Neutron Creative, we work with businesses that scale past their own good everyday. With local Product Safety Certification Lab CertifiGroup, this issue became evident when discussing the future of their consumer outreach campaigns. As we discussed their annual roadmap, it seemed that there was an obstacle facing the team, being scaling content creation while preventing & eliminating any non-compliant design works.

For the uninitiated, consistency is a struggle anytime a business scale’s it’s team, but can specifically be a major pain point for content creation teams as a lack of consistency between public works can lead to a lack of brand recognition, poor content accessibility, and a disregard of property principles. As CertifiGroup had already began a large weekly whitepaper campaign to tens of thousands of qualified leads, you can see were there’s room for worry.

Working with CertifiGroup, we were able to develop a safeguarded, three-environment hosting setup utilizing a prioritized modular-styleguide for all front-end content creation. With the modular styleguide in place, their team was  enabled to edit the web site with ease as well as create content without worrying about styleguide-compliance. With the three-environment hosting setup, we were able to integrate version control to cleanly proof and merge both the staging & development environment’s into production.

Interested in seeing the finished product or learning more about CertifiGroup?

Check out their website at certifigroup.com to learn more !

Still not mobile-friendly? Uh-oh.

As of April 21st 2015, Google expanded it’s use of responsive site filtering on mobile devices. If this is you’re first time hearing this, you’re in trouble, but chances are you’ve known something was happening for a while but didn’t quite know the whole gist. Thankfully, Google didn’t punish those who didn’t update their sites too harshly as only mobile search traffic was filtered, but there’s a lot of missed opportunities to be had in a responsive and updated web design.

As of the summer of 2015, over 50% of Google searches occur on mobile devices. If you’re still not responsive in 2017, talk about missed opportunities. For some odd reason, I see marketing departments across the nation wasting hours upon hours continuously struggling to drive sales and grow, yet continuing to neglect mobile traffic as a whole. Why?

It’s simple. If you’re looking for online growth, especially when targeting the 18-25 year old demographic or lower it is absolutely essential to optimize your site for mobile. In fact, Google has reported that 61% of visitors are unlikely to return if they had accessibility problems on a mobile device, and 40% will visit a competitors site instead. By not optimizing for mobile, you’re not only losing your own traffic, you’re essentially handing it right over to the competitor. Ideally, the best way to deliver a consistent experience on the web across devices is to build your website mobile-first, meaning that the functionality across all devices remains the same as well as the layout across devices, in order to deliver a consistent experience for users.

Overall Points

  • Google is going to begin sorting mobile searches by mobile experience. By not going responsive, you’re losing over 50% of possible mobile traffic originating from organic Google search.
  • Even if you do still get organic mobile traffic on your site, 61% of visitors are unlikely to return to a site if they’ve had accessibility issues on mobile, and 40% end-up going to a competitors site.
  • If you do want to optimize your website for mobile, build from the ground up and go mobile-first. This is important to keep the user experience consistent between devices.
  • Building a consistent user experience on the web is a serious investment of time and labor. Don’t take shortcuts on your website and your investment will return ten-fold.

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