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Eliminating Rogue Design

Published on June 8, 2019
/ Article By Jimmy Bisenius

At Neutron Creative, we work with businesses that scale past their own good everyday. With local Product Safety Certification Lab CertifiGroup, this issue became evident when discussing the future of their consumer outreach campaigns. As we discussed their annual roadmap, it seemed that there was an obstacle facing the team, being scaling content creation while preventing & eliminating any non-compliant design works.

For the uninitiated, consistency is a struggle anytime a business scale’s it’s team, but can specifically be a major pain point for content creation teams as a lack of consistency between public works can lead to a lack of brand recognition, poor content accessibility, and a disregard of property principles. As CertifiGroup had already began a large weekly whitepaper campaign to tens of thousands of qualified leads, you can see were there’s room for worry.

Working with CertifiGroup, we were able to develop a safeguarded, three-environment hosting setup utilizing a prioritized modular-styleguide for all front-end content creation. With the modular styleguide in place, their team was  enabled to edit the web site with ease as well as create content without worrying about styleguide-compliance. With the three-environment hosting setup, we were able to integrate version control to cleanly proof and merge both the staging & development environment’s into production.

Interested in seeing the finished product or learning more about CertifiGroup?

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