Six Reasons to Move to WordPress in 2019

February 1, 2019

If you’re looking to start a blog, E-commerce website, or many of the other types of web pages that can be found across the internet, endless routes can be taken to accomplish the job. A wide array of applications and resources are available to the public in this day and age. We’re no longer stuck in the early days of the internet, when a professional coder was required to design an original website. Thankfully, this isn’t a necessity in 2019. There are relatively cheap and user friendly content management systems that allow the common computer user to craft their own website with attractive templates and plugins that are PROVEN to be successful.

WordPress may have already come to mind, since it is perhaps the most famous and frequently used CMS and website builder on the market. Many of the world’s best best and brightest websites are made using WordPress- such as Nike, Disney, Playstation, and many other famous brands.  If you currently aren’t utilizing this powerful and easy-to-learn tool, here are six reasons you should be making the switch to WordPress in 2019.

1. Ease of Use

One of the things WordPress is known for its relatively simple learning curve. One does not require the skills of a computer science graduate from MIT, or a well-versed background in coding to create a terrific website with this CMS. Though WordPress offers tutorials for its many features, a user may find their time better-spent tinkering around with the administrator interface. The side panel breaks every crucial part of the process down into different sections- such as authorized users, SEO, plugins, preview, calendars, comments, appearance, etc. The interface also offers tips and suggestions for best use of each section. WordPress’s simplicity is attractive to many business owners that use it, since their employees can be swiftly trained and educated on it.

2. Built-in Search Engine Optimization Tool

Many websites include a blog. Blogging relevant content to your website or business is an effective way to increase its search result ranking on websites such as Google or Bing. For example, a website specializing in the sale of used ATV’s may find it useful to add a blog post titled “Top 5 Things to Look Out For in a Used ATV.” WordPress is fully aware of how useful blogs are for search engine optimization, which is why there is a section entirely devoted to maximizing your posts for SEO. The SEO subsection will do an in-depth analysis of your article or blog post to determine readability, the number of grammar and spelling errors, as well as the optimal length and focus keywords. There are numerous third-party plugins available on the market that will get the same job done. Some of these are free as well!

3. Open Source

WordPress is an open-source program, meaning it is completely free to use. Though a website owner may have to pay a small monthly or yearly fee to rent a domain name, the software itself costs nothing. Additionally, there are thousands of add-ons developed by WordPress itself as well as 3rd party developers- many of which are free as well. This is a bargain, considering the alternative may be paying a coder thousands of dollars to design a professional website for you.

4. Customizability

As mentioned in reason #3, there is an endless supply of third-party plugins that can be used to your advantage. These can include forums, social media plugins, security, slideshows, spam filters, and even page builders. If one wishes to not use WordPress’s default page builder, they can download page building plugins such as Elementor, which features a drag-and-drop system to further ease the process of web design. For those that have coding skills and do not care for the limitations of drag-and-drop template web development, they can use WordPress as a platform in which to input their own custom code and create a website as unique and catered to their heart’s content. Other plugins that are available include uptime monitors, which will notify the administrator if, when, and how long the site loses connection.

5. Mobile Friendly

In 2019, almost everyone owns a smartphone. More often than not, they’re being used to browse the web, text, check social media, and use applications. People are doing almost anything BUT making calls on them these days, which is why it is crucial for your website to be accessible in a mobile format. Another reason WordPress is so versatile is its ability to let the administrator design and run a mobile version of their website. The mobile site can be built and accessed in browser or application format. Increasing the amount of ways that clients and site visitors can access the site improves their chances of returning- especially if they download an application that brings them directly to it. Much like the rest of WordPress’s administrator interface, it is easy to learn and maintain.

6. Multi-User Capacity

If an administrator wishes to grant admin rights to other users, they may do so. Various access capabilities that can be granted to others, such as administrator, editor, author, contributor, and subscriber. Each of these access capabilities carry different roles and abilities for making changes. Administrators who control multiple websites may find that third party companies such as ManageWP come in handy when automatic backups, updates, and monitoring is needed on more than one website at a time.

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